Wondering what to do for your Mom this Mother's Day? Let's save our money and avoid the expensive gifts and lavish flowers (which can be up to $100 sometimes)!! What mothers LOVE is handcrafted goods made with... well, YOUR LOVE! 

Idea #1: DIY Printable Mother's Day Cards

We're using Avery's printable notecards (60 cards for only $16.26). Here's the Amazon link because duh, 2-day prime. We've got two designs for ya.

**Click here to download the printable cards***

1. Mom, I LOVE YOU & you are STRONG

diy mothers day printable card

2. Mom, I LOVE YOU & you are AMAZING.

diy mothers day printable card

**Click here to download the printable cards***

Idea #2: DIY Flower Cup

This idea is a bit more arts & crafts-y. We love to "reduce, reuse and recycle" where we can. This year, we're taking a sustainable initiative to use less plastic, hence, swapping out all our lids to full paper. We are also using 35%+ postconsumer recycled packaging and all our cups are compostable!! 

Here's what we're doing: reusing our oatmeal cups to plant flowers & succulents!  

DIY at home flower pot succulents

It's SUPER easy. Rather than going to the store to buy plants, you can actually break off a piece of succulent off in your neighborhood, at the park, etc and gather dirt from your backyard since you won't need that much.

Did you know that succulents are super resilient and will survive almost anything (except being overwatered)? Haha, oops, made that mistake before!

Just take assemble the parts (succulent/flower + dirt) and voila. You've got a cute, sustainable, handmade gift for your Mom! The best part about it is that you get to eat the oatmeal before making your gift. :) Win-win!

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