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A Word From The Founder

All our stories start the same – we grow up eating foods based on flavor and convenience. For me, I began my day with sweets (coffee cake was my favorite) and sometimes replaced dinner with overly-processed junk food (hello, butter-lovers popcorn)!

In 2012, I was scouted to become a fashion model and spent my first summer away from home at a model’s apartment in New York City. Being on my own, I decided to adopt a healthier, balanced way of living. I spent hours reading food blogs and eventually became a self-taught cook and recipe developer. Over the next four years, I worked as a model and traveled the world all whilst pursuing my business degree at the University of Southern California.

Throughout this journey, I found myself eating a healthy bowl of oatmeal every morning. I loved the feeling of warmth, fullness and energy it gave me to tackle my day. My schedule consisted of red eye flights, long work hours and studying for exams in the most unconventional places so it was important to properly fuel myself. After I participated in my first Fashion Week (more like month), I knew this is what I wanted to create. Dozens of castings, late night fittings and several fashion shows later, all I could think about was “I WANT MY OATMEAL”.

With that in mind, I set out to recreate my homemade oatmeal, on-the-go. I wanted to share my daily dose of warmth and happiness with the rest of the world, and with much excitement, Mylk Labs was born.

I hope Mylk Labs products can bring you good health, convenience and much happiness as it does to me!


Founder & CEO


healthy oatmeal  healthy oatmeal