A Word From The Founder

Growing up, I ate bags of overly-processed junk food for dinner and sugar-filled desserts for breakfast.  After becoming exposed to the fashion industry in 2012, I decided to adopt a healthier, balanced way of living. It was through this journey that I discovered the powerful effect foods can have on our bodies. From trying fad diets to “health” foods that never delivered what was promised, I eventually learned the truth behind good health—whole foods with real ingredients.

Throughout this journey, I found myself eating a healthy bowl of oatmeal every morning. I always cooked my oatmeal with non-dairy milk, a spoonful of nut butter, a sprinkle of unrefined sugar and topped it with a fruit of my choice. I loved the feeling of warmth, fullness and energy it gave me to tackle my day. One.. two.. three years went by and I still find myself eating oatmeal almost every day. However, living the life of a model made it difficult to set a routine for healthy eating and living. From red eye flights to long work hours, the convenience food section at the local market became my new best friend. I searched the marketplace for the best grab & go oatmeal for my busiest days and discovered all the options were either too high in refined sugars or so bland I couldn’t stomach the entire serving. I spoke to many people who had busy, on-the-go lifestyles like myself and realized most people settle for unhealthy, sugar-filled pastries or skip breakfast overall.

With that in mind, I set out to recreate my homemade, creamy nut-oat based oatmeal that provides the perfect sprinkle of unrefined sweetness to meet the healthy, on-the-go lifestyle of youthful adults like myself. I wanted to share my daily dose of warmth and happiness with the rest of the world, and with much excitement, Mylk Labs was born.

I hope Mylk Labs products can bring you good health, convenience and much happiness as it does to me!


xx Grace Cheng

Founder & CEO

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Grace is a warrior she made her lab discoveries ours – I am an avocate for healthy and real ingredients. The coconut oats was a perfect fuel. My body is my temple so thank you for allowing us to have the best kinda healing fuel to our bodies.


Erica Colmenero

I am a working Mom of 3 who has struggled with an autoimmune condition requiring a healthy diet. It is so hard to do when you are running around all day some days! Your oatmeal’s are delicious! I bought your coconut oatmeal at a store recently and was so thankful I found it! Thank you!!

Tirtha thakkar


You have some great products. Curious if you guys are hiring for R&D or QA.

I have a masters degree in food Science from Chapman university and super local in OC!

Thank you

Nathan Pike

sup dude

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