Happy National Coffee Day! Today, we have Bobby Roshan, the founder of Demitasse Coffee, here to teach us how to make the absolute best french press coffee at home! Like, coffee shop quality but in the comfort of your own home. 

Demitasse is an LA-based coffee roaster with two cafe locations in Santa Monica and Little Tokyo. Their team consists of the coolest coffee geeks turned pro with the biggest hearts to support local businesses like us! The proof is in the pudding and they put their money where their mouth is. ;)

Here's how you do it and we're giving you 3 ways to enjoy it.

  1. A good cup of joe on it's own.
  2. Overnight coffee oats-- you won't be disappointed with this one!
  3. Side-by-side for the perfect breakfast situation.

What you'll need:

how to make coffee in a french press

Step 1: Put 25g of coffee into the french press. Add 50g of hot water, just under boiling and let it sit for 30 seconds or so. 

how to make coffee in a french press

Step 2: Add another 300g of water. Put the lid on but do not plunge. We're never going to plunge. This agitates the coffee too much and makes it bitter. 

how to make coffee in a french press

Step 3: Wait 1 minute then break the crust that's inevitably formed at the top by gently using a spoon or stir stick.

how to make coffee in a french press

Step 4: After another minute, pour the coffee out through the filter, but again, we're not plunging.

how to make coffee in a french press

Step 5: Enjoy as-is or make overnight coffee oats!


Instructions: Soak the oats in milk overnight. In the am, pour as much hot coffee as you want and enjoy!

how to make coffee at home in a french press

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