6-Cup Variety Pack

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1 box. 6 delicious oatmeal cups. 2 drool-worthy cups of each flavor.

Flavors Include:

  • Roasted Almond & Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Roasted Hazelnuts & Dominican Cacao
  • Toasted Coconut & Cassia Cinnamon



gluten-freewhole grainno refined sugar


Customer Reviews

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It was delicious! Great for traveling!


I’ve always been a fan of oatmeal but finding the right balance of sweet and texture was hard, until I tried mylklabs!! This is perfect for every part of my day because It doesn’t not raise my glycemic level. I love the organic ingredients and the unique flavors this product provides. Definitely get the variety pack to try them all and then pick your favorite one!! Or keep buying the variety because It will never disappoint!

Delicious, Healthy, and Convenient!

I never was big on oatmeal, but these oatmeal cups are a game changer! All the flavors are delicious although my personal favorite is the Toasted Coconut & Cassia Cinnamon. Each flavor is just right and I love that these aren't overloaded with sugar like so many other oatmeal brands I've tried.

I also have to admit that I'm a total sucker for marketing and convenience and I love the design on these cups. I find the pastel colors calming in the morning and these are a life saver if you're always on the go or waking up late with no time to make breakfast (like me).

I always try to support businesses owned by women, and especially women of color, and find the price to be reasonable. I would rather put my money into independently owned businesses rather than give my money away to a big corporation!

Awesome Oatmeal!

The first thing that caught my eye is the beautiful packaging of these lil oatmeal cups but once I looked more in depth I also noticed how great the ingredients are! My favorite is the Almond & Himalayan Pink Salt bc I love the balance of subtle sweetness, saltiness, and nuttiness but the other two are delicious as well. Toss in some sliced fruit, cinnamon, honey/agave, or whatever else you like and you have a great breakfast or snack in a couple of minutes!

Best breakfast on the go

Hands down the best oatmeal I’ve ever had in my life!! I’ve never been a huge fan of oatmeal but these products changed my mind.. for someone who goes to work early in the morning and needs a fast and easy way to have breakfast, this product is perfect. I love that I can take it Togo if I’m running late and can eat in my car on the way to work. A huge plus that it’s healthy and all natural too.