Made with REAL blueberries and pure maple sugar. Great for digestion and brain health!

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Ashley Arambula
New Favorite Oatmeal

I really like this oatmeal with a little bit of coconut milk, hemp seeds and goji berries!
Thank you

YUM, that sounds like a tropical superfood delight! Thanks for your support :) -Grace, founder

Abraham Valladarez

A person who dislikes oatmeal, I’ve finally enjoy eating oatmeal now I want to try the coconut oatmeal. Is there anyway I can buy 3 coconut and 3 blueberries oatmeal?

Thank you for the kind note! I saw you decided to try the coconut - yay! I wish I could swap out half the cups for you to Blueberry, but logistically it's really hard to pull orders and break open cases in the warehouse since they're all pre-packed into a 6-count box. I hope you understand! -Grace, founder

Blueberry Oatmeal

I love these oatmeals and I’m not an oatmeal person! I buy these all the time. I must eat gluten free and no other oatmeal compares! I can’t speak highly enough of these products.

Sharon Wright

I was so happy to find your oatmeal at the hotel I was staying at recently. I appreciate that you used gluten free oats in your product, and healthy sweetener and salt. The same great ingredients that I would put together at home.

Hi Sharon! Happy to hear you loved it! I would never put anything out there that I wouldn't eat myself, so I'm glad you appreciate the clean ingredients that I also would only use at home :) -Grace, founder


I can’t believe how amazing this oatmeal is! The blueberry flavor so far is my favorite! I’m a oatmeal lover so whenever I crave, I eat it LOL, even if that means at 10 pm. So easy to make, a whole snack ready in 2 mins! I’m ready for one right now’

Hahaha!! We love to hear it. Thanks Daisy! -Grace, founder

Suzanne Berens
There’s the best and then there’s the rest.

I’m something of an oatmeal addict, and this is easily the best that’s out there. Full of flavor, bursting with blueberry goodness, it makes mornings (or afternoons!) that much better. If I could only have one oatmeal for the rest of my life, it would be this one. 👍 👍

So much healthier and more fulfilling than my old Bob's Red Mill habit. I can’t say enough about this. This is health food, not junk food, and you can feel the difference when and after you eat it.

Hi Suzanne! Your review made my day. I'm also somewhat of an oatmeal addict (been eating it everyday for almost a decade) so I like you just for that! :) -Grace, founder

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