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Our Story



In 2012 (the summer after I graduated high school), I was scouted to become a fashion model and spent my first summer away from home at a model’s apartment in New York City-- 4 girls in a studio apt located in the heart of SoHo. This was the first time I was first exposed to the fashion world and it's poor education for young models to exercise and eat healthy in order to stay "thin". One of my roommates at the time was suffering from bulimia and another girl was dieting to stay skinny. Being on my own throughout this journey, I found myself spending a great deal of my time looking at food blogs and teaching myself about nutrition and healthy eating. Somehow, throughout this process, I began eating a hearty bowl of oatmeal every morning.

When I started college at USC that Fall, I continued to eat oatmeal every single day. I loved the feeling of warmth, fullness and the energy it gave me to tackle my day. Over the next four years, my schedule consisted of red eye flights, long work hours and studying for exams in the most unconventional places so it was important to properly fuel myself. Oatmeal had become my go-to option. After I graduated USC (majoring in business), I participated in my first Fashion Week. It was more like a month starting in NY then going to London, Milan then finally Paris. Dozens of castings, late night fittings and several fashion shows later, I came home and saw that I was featured by Vogue as one of the 5 Models to Know from Marc Jacobs Spring 2017. As excited as I was, all I could think about was “I WANT MY OATMEAL”.

The issue with all the oatmeal on the market is that 1) it's too high in refined sugars or 2) the texture or flavor wasn't appetizing. I tried to find an option that suited my needs when I was constantly on the go but none of them fit the profile. Sometimes I felt like I was eating baby food or bland cardboard.

After coming home from the madness of Fashion Week, I finally realized what kind of business I wanted to create. I wanted to share my daily dose of warmth and happiness with the rest of the world. With that in mind, I set out to recreate my homemade oatmeal on-the-go (warm, creamy oats cooked in almond milk, a spoonful of crunchy nut butter and slightly sweetened with unrefined sugars). To that end, Mylk Labs was born.

I hope Mylk Labs products can bring you good health, convenience and much happiness as it does to me!


Founder & CEO