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Our Story


Grace Cheng  

In 2013, oatmeal became a daily staple in my life. It was my warm, good morning hug and daily dose of energy to jump-start my day. From 10 hour school days at USC to traveling the world for modeling, oatmeal was the one thing that kept me going day after day, year after year. Up until this day, I'm still eating the same ol' oatmeal every day and I wanted to share that feeling of warmth, energy and deliciousness with the world.

If you're wondering about my ‘ah-ha' moment of when I realized this is what I wanted to do... it was after a month of non-stop traveling for fashion week back in 2017. Dozens of castings, late night fittings and several fashion shows later, I came home and saw that I was featured by Vogue as one of the 5 Models to Know from Marc Jacobs Spring 2017. As excited as I was, all I could think about was “I WANT MY OATMEAL”.

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I am not going to sit here and tell you a story where I had an eating disorder and how food helped heal me. That's not true and also not what inspired me to start my business. I grew up as an Asian American eating Taiwanese pastries, instant ramen and hot Cheetos in a household with two entrepreneurial parents. I also want to mention that in Asian culture, fat = wealthy. So, being naturally skinny, I had always been skinny-shamed by the elders in the family. However, growing up with parents who owned their own businesses, I was inspired to start my own at a very young age and it was important for me to do something I was passionate about-- health & wellness.

As a model turned entrepreneur, I value the importance of "REAL" health, both mentally and physically. Picture this: it’s my first modeling experience in NYC and I’m living in a small studio apartment tucked away in the heart of SoHo with 3 other girls. A big shot Brazilian model, a Russian, an all-American gal from the Mid-West and 17-year old me! The big shot Brazilian was anorexic and bulimic and it was my first time seeing something like that. She’d eat some lettuce using mustard as dressing (I know, weird) and then go straight to the bathroom with a glass of water. Over the years, I saw it happen more and more amongst models in the industry. Seeing this and thinking how normal, everyday people look up to a lot of these models who seemed perfect… it didn’t sit right with me.

There had to be a balance, which is why Mylk Labs’ values are “Flavor, Nutrition and Convenience”. I only source the best ingredients—locally whenever possible and prefer to work directly with the farms. In 2018, I launched the company using my homemade daily oatmeal as the inspiration for our 5 flavors.

Eating a sugar filled breakfast is probably the worst way to start your day and I would never create/sell anything I wouldn’t eat myself. That’s why I made sure Mylk Labs oatmeal was sweetened with only 5g of organic coconut sugar in each serving (compared to an upwards of 20g for some instant oatmeal brands out there). We’ve got thick sliced almonds, medium diced hazelnuts and all sorts of toasted/freeze-dried inclusions for a crunchy yet creamy texture in each bite. Also, our unique roasted ground almond and oat base imitates a creamy, almond-milk texture with just the use of hot water.

My hope is that Mylk Labs can make everyone’s lives healthier, more convenient and a lot more delicious!


Founder & CEO


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