Roasted Almond & Himalayan Pink Salt Instant Oatmeal


The OG - A low-sugar breakfast oatmeal to help you conquer your day. You get all the flavor and none of the fake additives. We use upcycled almond meal paired with thick sliced roasted almonds for a perfectly crunchy and creamy bite.


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Sara Kauffman
And now I LOVE Oatmeal!

Oh man. After a health scare earlier this year, I knew it was time to get serious about learning to care for my body. I recently transitioned to a gluten/soy/sugar/dairy free lifestyle. As I was looking for new, healthy breakfast options, I added your oatmeal to my HelloFresh order. I’ve never liked oatmeal and wasn’t confident this would be different but OMG was I wrong. I absolutely LOVE the Coconut and Almond. I immediately hopped on your site to set-up a reoccurring subscription. I can’t believe how delicious AND healthy. Thank you!

Hi Sara, this is the sweetest message and a humble reminder of why I started this company. I'm HONORED Mylk Labs can be a part of your everyday life :) -Grace, Founder

Jennifer Martin

I thought apple was my favorite till I had this one! I absolutely love this one.

This Will Make You Like Oatmeal

Are you not really a fan of oatmeal? I never was growing up. It turns out much of the distaste stemmed from subpar ingredients and lack of attention to the water:oats ratio. This oatmeal is soothing and nourishing. Very easy to bring with you on the go. The lack of added "flavor" or "flavors" or "flavoring" is a massive bonus.

Best Oatmeal by far

Tastes great. Love it as a base to add fresh fruit to it.


I love this wholesome oatmeal. It's easy, easy to make and filling.

Hannah B.
I was never a breakfast person until I found Mylk Labs

I always wished I could find a breakfast that I enjoyed enough to make me eat every morning, but after years of trying many different options I have never found anything I enjoyed so I would either go without or eat something I didn’t really like. Then I tried Mylk Labs when I moved to the US from London. Initially I would grab an oatmeal from Starbucks because they’re so easy, they come in a paper cup and are quite tasty but Mylk labs almond and Himalayan pink salt is a cut above the rest, I Love this oatmeal and I can resonate with the founders story. As a busy business woman who travels a lot for work, these are PERFECT. So easy, so tasty and I love that they’re clean and good for you. I also love the branding. I genuinely look forward to having these each morning, I have them on a monthly rotation. My one negative is they’re not massively accessible in local stores, I used to buy from Erewhon but they’ve stopped stocking them, so now I order directly online which is pretty fast shipping! Thank you Grace!

Hi Hannah! I'm so glad to hear you're now eating breakfast daily. You know what they say, it's the most important meal of the day ;) Also, it means a lot that you appreciate all the little things that I've worked so hard to build Mylk Labs to what it is today. We're small but our values are big!! Thanks again! -Grace, founder

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