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Mylk Labs was created in 2017 by model and USC Alumna, Grace Cheng, who shares a passion for healthy living and good food. Without compromising flavor, nutrition or convenience, our ultimate goal here at Mylk Labs is to provide rewarding wholesome food through real ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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"I absolutely love Mylk Labs. I'm not really a breakfast person, but these specialty oatmeal flavors make me want to get up and make them first thing because they're so delicious! I'm glad Mylk Labs made me a breakfast person! <3

-Ariel Beesley // Model & Musician @arielbees

"Mylk Labs is the absolute best on-the-go oatmeal I've ever tried! Free of junk and packed full of delicious, nutritious ingredients, it's absolutely crave-able!"

-Whitney Wagner // Model & Vlogger @hellowhitney

"Hands down the tastiest oatmeal I've ever had, I absolutely love the flavor combinations. Best of all, it's healthy!"

-Margaux Brooke // Model, Actress & Artist @margauxbrooke

I've tried the ****** stuff (terrible) and I've had steel cut oats plain (tastes like cardboard). I had to add a ton of stuff to make it taste decent. Mylk Labs is def the best I've had so far--even our baby loves it!

-Preston // Engineer

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