About Us


For almost a decade, our founder, Grace Cheng, has been eating oatmeal every morning. Her passion for healthy living and good food, and the knowledge she gained as a USC Alumna, inspired her to create something bigger-- something that could simplify and fuel the lives of busy individuals like herself.  With zero connections or knowledge in the food & beverage industry, Grace self funded and launched Mylk Labs in January 2018. 

Our mission at Mylk Labs is to share wholesome food that nourishes and fuels the body without compromising flavor, nutrition or convenience.

At Mylk Labs, we only use clean ingredients that you’d find in Mother Nature’s garden—all natural, non-GMO, whole grain, vegan and free from gluten, refined sugars and artificial additives. Our ultimate goal is to provide rewarding, wholesome food through real ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone.



We stay true to the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we chose to work backward in formulating our products-- nutrition then taste. Not too much sugar, nothing processed, and enough healthy fats, fiber and protein for satiety. 

We've got thick sliced almonds, medium diced hazelnuts, and all sorts of toasted/freeze-dried inclusions for a crunchy yet creamy texture in each bite. Also, our unique roasted ground almond and oat base imitates a creamy, almond-milk texture with just the use of hot water. We hope that Mylk Labs can make everyone’s lives healthier, more convenient, and a lot more delicious! 


healthy instant oatmeal cupsMylk Labs

Mylk - A medieval spelling of “milk”, often used to describe non-dairy, plant-based milks derived from nuts, seeds, grains and/or beans.

Labs - Any place, situation, set of conditions, or the like, conducive to experimentation, investigation, observation, etc.