Cultivated Blueberry & Vermont Maple Oatmeal Cup

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Cultivated Blueberries. Nutty Maple. Velvety Oats. Subtly Sweet.

Unsweetened, freeze-dried blueberries are blended with our creamy almond and oat base. Then, we add the perfect sprinkle of pure maple sugar for a nutty maple taste and finish off with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to bring all the flavors together.

No "natural flavors" whatsoever and only real ingredients!


Ingredients: Gluten-free Oats, Blueberries, Almonds, Organic Coconut Sugar*, Himalayan Pink Salt

*Organic Ingredient


gluten-freewhole grainno refined sugar


Customer Reviews

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Great Breakfast

First time trying Mylk Labs and I thought this was delicious. Wish there was a bit more blueberries, though!

Amazing Oatmeal

This new Cultivated Blueberry & Vermont Maple Oatmeal is so tasty. The thing we love about Mylk Labs oatmeal is not just the taste but also because it is a great to-go breakfast option for us is a bonus. We will definitely buy again! =D


This oatmeal was great- I loved having some extra flavor and texsture from the blueberries and the maple added the perfect amount of sweetness. This may be my favorite one!

Tasty and Convenient

I really enjoyed the flavors of the Blueberry & Vermont Maple Oatmeal Cup. The flavor is perfect! It's so easy to make. Will buy more in the future.

My husband LOVES blueberries, but...

My husband is a huge fan of all things blueberry flavor, so it was an easy decision to pre-order the new blueberry and maple oatmeal. It arrived very quickly and we packed it as our hotel breakfast during the long weekend. He's the type to order blueberry flavoring in his coffee (yup, that's a thing), but he wasn't exactly thrilled by the flavor of the oatmeal, he thought it was bland and mealy. I have tried one and it's not bad, and does benefit from a bit more water than the other flavors. I'm glad they're expanding to new flavors, but this one is not a favorite in our house.