5 Health Foods That Can Cause Bloating + Vegan Debloating Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Question-  If something is filled with vitamins and nutrients but makes you extremely bloated, is it really good for your health? 

Answer- Yes and no.

Yes because it's great for your body, most likely has tons fiber to make you poop (nobody wants to be constipated) and delivers the nutrition your body needs to thrive.

No because mentally and physically, you feel bloated with gas pains and it's just the most uncomfortable thing ever.

healtly foods

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I'm not saying everyone will react the same to each food, nor am I saying you should or shouldn't eat these health foods. Nonetheless, I wanted to shed some light on 5 health foods that are packed with nutrition that make me and millions of others bloated.

  1. Broccoli- It's a "cruciferous vegetables, which contain raffinose — a sugar that remains undigested until bacteria in your gut ferment it, which produces gas and, in turn, makes you bloat." -Health.com
  2. Sweet Potato- Mannitol is a naturally occuring sugar that is present in sweet potatoes. "The fermentation of [this sugar ] in your gut can produce a lot of gas, which accumulates in your intestines and makes you feel bloated." -Livestrong.com
  3. Brussel Sprouts- Another cruciferous vegetable that should be cooked and eaten in small portions to minimize bloating.
  4. Eggplant- This purple guy has a ton of fiber so eating too much will cause gas and bloating. Also, some say nightshade vegetables are bad for gut health, but do your own research before cutting out any nutritious vegetables.
  5. Beans- Beans contain a several different sugars that we cannot digest. We are missing an enzyme that is required to break these down and when they get to the colon, the bacteria begins to ferment these sugars producing gas in the process. -Care2.com

Just because these vegetables cause bloating for me, doesn't mean it's the same for you. If you're eating them with no reaction, go for it! But if you've noticed gas and bloating after eating these foods, now you know why!

There are a ton of foods that can actually help you debloat. To name a few, there's avocado, mint, banana and ginger. You can always search online to what foods help and do your own research.

Here's an easy recipe to help you debloat in 5 minutes!

vegan chocolate mousse

 Creamy Avocado. Sweet Bananas. Raw Cacao.

vegan chocolate moussevegan chocolate mousse

Debloating Chocolate Mousse

(Serves 3)
  • 2 medium hass avocados
  • 1 large, ripe banana
  • 1 medjool date, or 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed (can omit)
  • *Option toppings: raspberries, coconut shreds
  1. If using dates, soak the date in warm water for 2 minutes.
  2. Throw everything into the food processor and blitz until smooth & creamy.
  3. Once smooth, spoon into 3 ramekins and top with any toppings you'd like!
  4. Enjoy immediately.
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vegan chocolate mousse

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