Press Kit

Press Kit

Hi, we're Mylk Labs! We’re here to help you reimagine your week. Only 6 real ingredients or less and no ‘natural flavors’-- ever. 

Mission: Our mission is to share wholesome food that nourishes and fuels the body without compromising flavor, nutrition or convenience.

Values: We stay true to the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we chose to work backward in formulating our products-- nutrition then taste. Not too much sugar, nothing processed, and enough healthy fats, fiber and protein for satiety.

Sustainability: We want to share good food with the world in a way where we can support our suppliers & growers while preventing food waste from a company level. We, along with our ingredient suppliers, are committed to understanding the social, environmental and economic impact of our activities on the communities where we work and it's exemplified in our choices to use compostable packaging, glyphosate free oats and coconut sugar instead of cane sugar because of its health benefits and sustainable harvesting.


    • Launched on: 1/30/2018
    • Number of Employees: 2
    • Headquarters: City of Industry, California
    • Markets: USA
    • Growth: 2x YOY for 3 years

    What Makes Us Unique:

    • Made with only 6 real ingredients or less
    • Only 5g of organic coconut sugar
    • Creamy + crunchy texture
    • Roasted ground almond & oat base
    • Allergen friendly options

    Meet the founder: Grace Cheng is a fashion model, first-time entrepreneur, and founder of Mylk Labs. Juggling two different career paths, Grace emphasizes the importance of eating healthy on-the-go and using the knowledge gained as a USC Alumna, she’s now sharing her secret go-to breakfast while traveling the world as the face of many prestigious brands.

    Find our founder story here.

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