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Oatmeal is a universal breakfast staple, loved for its versatility, convenience, and health benefits. But with numerous types flooding the market, you may wonder, "which oatmeal is good for you?" Let's break down the different options below.

Steel-Cut Oats: The Health Powerhouse

Steel-cut oats, also known as Irish oats, are the least "processed". Rather than rolling them flat, the oat groats are just cut, hence the name "steel-cut". They provide a rich source of fiber, aiding digestion, and reducing the risk of heart disease. Their low glycemic index makes them an ideal choice for individuals regulating their blood sugar levels.

Rolled Oats: The Balanced Choice

Rolled oats or old-fashioned oats serve as a balanced choice for your daily diet. They're steamed and rolled, making them quicker to cook than steel-cut oats. Packed with essential nutrients like B vitamins and iron, they support overall health while providing a satisfying, creamy texture.

Instant Oats: The Time-Saver

Instant oats have an extra step after being steamed and rolled. They are also cut smaller so they can absorb liquid and "cook" faster. Though they save time, they can contain a ton of added sugars and added flavors. Opting for a lower sugar option like Mylk Labs, which uses only organic coconut sugar and real fruit to flavor their instant oatmeal.

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Thin Rolled Oats: The Hybrid

Mylk Labs instant oatmeal cups use a hybrid between rolled oats and instant oats. They look like rolled oats but are rolled thinner so they can cook up instantly for the convenience of a quick and healthy meal. Not to mention, the oats are glyphosate free, gluten free and non-GMO for a nutrition packed breakfast.

Oatmeal: A Healthy Decision

In conclusion, the oatmeal that is best for you depends on your health goals and lifestyle. Fortunately for you, Mylk Labs oatmeal cups has the the high fiber content in steel-cut oats, the balanced nutrition of rolled oats, and convenience of instant oats. Try it today!

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