Nut Free Granny Smith Apple & Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal


A classic, reimagined and better than ever - Ditch the sugar-filled, artificially flavored oats and recreate your childhood with this low-sugar, real fruit apple cinnamon oatmeal. Best part? It's free of the top 8 allergens!


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Susan Cody

Delicious! Great, easy breakfast for fall mornings!

Super cozy, isn't it? Love to hear you're enjoying the oats! -Grace, founder

Anna Schoenberger
Easy and Delicious

I prepare these just before I am about to head out the door! Once I get to work and provided I didn’t forget a spoon, my Mylk Labs Oatmeal is the perfect start for my day! YUM!

So happy these could make your work days easier! :) -Grace, founder

Best Apple Treat

Love the Granny Smith Apple & Sunflower Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal-I use it as a afternoon treat-I add extra dehydrated cinnamon apples (made ourselves). It meets my need for sweets and is filling-but not so much as to not be hungry for dinner later. Good anytime.

Your homemade dehydrated apples sound delicious! Glad you're able to enjoy these as a mid-day snack :) -Grace, founder

Granny Smith Oatmeal!

Oh, my! What can I say! This oatmeal is my favorite! I love Mylk Labs products, but the Granny Smith apple is my ultimate favorite! I have to be Gluten Free, and it’s so great to know that I’m eating the best tasting, cleanest oatmeal available. I am not an apple person, but this is so good!
It is definitely a 5 Star product!

Granny Smith Oatmeal

I’m totally in love with Mylk Lab products. The Granny Smith oatmeal is so good! And I’m not an oatmeal person. I have these for breakfast or lunch all the time! No other oatmeal can compete with Mylk Labs!

Jennifer Martin
Im obsessed

So at first the price was stopping me until the founder tea chef out to me and assured me of the quality of products. (10 points right there) and this oatmeal is the only oat meal that doesn’t make my heat race because of all the sugars and extra syrups in them. They are delicious and tbh the packaging is so cute. I will be buying more.

Hahaha! Appreciate you Jennifer. Ditto on the nasty sugar heavy brands out there. Glad we were able to find something that worked for you :) - Grace

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