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Holiday Smores Muffin - Made In a Microwave!

Okay, hear me out. Smores muffin, ready in 5 minutes, AND it's good for you. This is going to be on repeat for the entire holiday season for us! We used our Strawberry Vanilla oatmeal because strawberries & chocolate always go well together, but feel free to use any flavor you'd like!

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Microwavable Smores Muffin



            1. Open up the oatmeal cup and add in the apple sauce, egg, baking powder and milk. Mix well.
            2. If you're using strawberries, throw it now and give it one last mix.
            3. Without the lid, microwave on high for 2-1/2 minutes.
            4. Flip the cup over onto a plate to release the muffin. 
            5. Put your chocolate on top and let it melt on the hot muffin.
            6. Top with the marshmallow and torch until toasty. Enjoy!

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