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When oatmeal is measured dry, it contains about 5.9 grams of protein per 1/2 cup of oats. That’s a great base to build on and there are so many easy ways you can increase the protein content in a cup of oatmeal.

For example, Mylk Labs protein oatmeal cups started with 6-7g of protein, and if you cook your oats in 1 cup of soy milk combined with a spoonful of almond butter, you can get close to 20g of protein

Single serve packets of instant oatmeal are usually smaller and so is the amount of protein they contain. One packet of instant oatmeal will only give you a little over 3 grams of protein. In addition, these packets are often flavored with unhealthy added sugars. While this does not remove the protein content, it adds to the sugar and carbohydrate content, making it less healthy, so opt for Mylk Labs oatmeal cups or make your own at home!

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Quality of Protein in Oats

The foods often thought of as containing the most protein are dairy and meat foods. For example, eggs, cheese, milk, red meat, fish, and poultry are excellent and common sources of high protein – and they also contain plenty of essential and non-essential amino acids. However, certain plant-based foods, such as oats, nuts, beans, and seeds can provide you with considerable quantities of protein as well.

Even though oats are identified as an incomplete protein, they do possess all nine of the essential amino acids. Oats have an amino acid profile that is stronger than what wheat and most other cereal grains have, making oat protein popular among vegans and vegetarians.

Add More Protein to Oatmeal

You can increase the amount of protein in your oatmeal with the addition of various ingredients, such as protein powder or nut butter. With these additions, you will not only boost the protein content, but also add some healthy fats and additional fiber, adding texture and making your oatmeal a more enjoyable treat. Before you know it, you could have added up to six more grams of fiber and 20 additional grams of protein.

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