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Overnight oats are becoming a popular breakfast option among more and more individuals – and for a good reason. Whether you need something quick and filling before the workday commute or want a luxurious treat for a weekend brunch, overnight oatmeal offers a simple and nutritious way to start your day.

Mylk Labs has a wide range of nutritious oatmeal cups for breakfast daily. Continue reading this piece to learn the basics of preparing overnight oatmeal you can enjoy first thing in the morning.

But First, What Is Overnight Oatmeal?

Is oatmeal one of your favorite breakfast foods, but even the thought of eating a steaming bowl in the summer heat makes you sweat? If yes, overnight oatmeal is the ideal solution!

Overnight oatmeal is just oats allowed to soak overnight rather than being cooked in the morning, making them ideal for a speedy, satisfying, and nutrient-rich breakfast.

overnight oats recipe

Overnight Oatmeal for Breakfast

Making overnight oatmeal is one of the most straightforward meal preparation techniques if you are looking for healthy and nutritious breakfast options. Combine the following ingredients in a mason jar or directly in a premade oatmeal cup:

Milk of Choice

Generally, you can use any milk you like to make overnight oats. However, if you are looking for healthy low fat options, consider adding unsweetened almond milk to your oatmeal. You can also choose other non-dairy alternatives like soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk.


Yogurt adds a little protein and gives overnight oats a creamier texture. Many prefer plain Greek yogurt as it has the lowest sugar and maximum protein content. Use a non-dairy yogurt or omit the yogurt altogether and add more milk to overnight oats to make them vegan.

Chia Seeds

The addition of chia seeds is optional. However, they are usually a preference, and many health and nutrition experts recommend them because they help the oats become thicker by absorbing part of the liquid. That is not all; chia seeds also provide fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.


You can use your creativity here. Like with ordinary oatmeal, overnight oats taste even better when you add traditional ingredients like vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, maple syrup (or honey), and a dash of sea salt. If you’re using Mylk Labs oatmeal at the base, you won’t need to add anything extra for it to taste amazing.

overnight oatmeal ingredients

The Recipe

Wondering how to put all the ingredients together? Here is a simple method for preparing overnight oatmeal.

  1. Combine your add-ins to the jar or oatmeal cup.
  2. Then, add your milk/ non-dairy alternative.
  3. Make sure to mix the milk with the other ingredients properly
  4. Ensure that the jar's bottom or sides do not contain any clumps of chia seeds.
  5. Cover and keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days

Give the oats one more stir before serving, then sprinkle with whichever toppings you like.

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