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CEO Spotlight: Jennifer Jacobs of

We chatted with Jennifer Jacobs, athlete, personal trainer and CEO of about how she balances her personal life, being an entrepreneur and staying fit. Check out the interview below!

Jennifer Jacobs

1. You are a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and entrepreneur. Tell us about The J Method and what the program entails. What inspired you? 

The J Method is more than a method, it’s a mindset to resist your limits and unleash your best self.  I created The J Method for all ages and all fitness levels with an approach rooted in functional training focusing on the individual to optimize movement, nutrition, and one’s mindset to reach their goals.  Inspired to help others to better themselves and achieve their personal best. 

2. You specialize in movement, nutrition, cycling, running and HIIT training. How do you figure which workout is appropriate for each client? 

There is no one path to success or an ideal workout: if there were, we’d all be doing it! When developing a proper individual fitness program, It is important to take into account the individual’s goals, lifestyle & interests, as well as their current fitness level.  Let’s take someone who has a low level of fitness, HIIT training would not be well suited for them. Instead, it would be better to start off focusing on building a strong endurance base followed by looking at one’s lifestyle & interests.  By developing a fitness program based on one’s interests, you ensure a client’s adherence to the program and thereby ensure consistency.  And we all know that it is consistent efforts that help lead to one’s success! 

Jennifer Jacobs

3. Let’s talk NUTRITION. I’m sure you provide your clients with an eating program but what does your own daily diet look like?  

Most days I eat anywhere from 4-6 small meals depending on the day and about 3L of water a day.  My daily food intake may vary but most days:

  • Morning:  a hot cup of matcha (it’s my daily ritual) + a bowl of nutrient-dense oatmeal
  • Snack #1: 2 eggs with sauteed vegetables (mushrooms, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc.)
  • Lunch: it’s typically a grain such as quinoa on a bed of dark leafy greens topped off with my #BettyFinCrocker Salad Dressing.
  • Snack #2:  iced matcha along with a snack which could be a handful of raw nuts and a cup of blueberries or 2 rice cakes topped with peanut butter and hemp seeds.  
  • Dinner: lean meat or fish with vegetables, leafy greens, and a complex carb. On Tuesdays, it’s my Black Bean Tacos #TacoTuesday.  
  • Late Night Snack #3 (optional): a small portion of dark chocolate and berries along w/ hot water & ginger

4. You’ve done a great job of building a brand by motivating others, but as an entrepreneur, how do you balance it all? I also see that you sell a travel size gym, what made you come up with this product?  

My business is a platform that allows me to motivate others.

The product that I created, the Travel Size Gym, is a way for The J Method to reach more people providing them with the tools to train anytime, train anywhere. The Travel Size Gym was created out of a personal need to have tools that I could take with me anywhere, providing me with an efficient and effective way to train even if I did not have access to a gym or any type of heavy equipment such as a bike, treadmill, weights etc.  Essentially, a one-stop-shop for your training needs from recovery to cardio and strength training in one small durable bag. 

5. People always make excuses for not working out, what is your number one advice for people who want to work out but can’t find the time? 

My advice to those who can’t find the time is to rethink how much time you think it takes to train effectively. Many of us are led to believe that if we don’t have at least 45 min to an hour to train that we shouldn’t even bother. Not true! Change the way you think and learn how to train efficiently and train effectively in as little as five minutes. The key is to train with a purpose no matter how short the amount of time. If you know what your purpose is and stay focused then you will realize and learn that you don't need 45 to an hour to get an effective workout.

In addition, you don’t always need a gym or fancy equipment to get an effective workout. One of the best places to train when short on time is in the comfort of your home or right outside your door. That’s why I like my Travel Size Gym. It’s a portable gym in a bag, which allows you to train efficiently and effectively, anytime, anywhere!  

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