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Despite an increasing trend of extensive nutrition labels and ingredient lists, consumers today are still never fully aware of just exactly what they’re putting in their bodies.

That’s why many oat-lovers were shocked to learn that many popular cereal grains, snack bars, and granola bars test positive for glyphosate, a non-selective weed-killer.

What exactly is glyphosate? Just how pervasive is it across breakfast foods? And should you be concerned when it comes to your morning bowl of oatmeal?

As a conscious consumer, it’s great to be asking these types of questions. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers.

Let’s learn everything there is to know about glyphosate and why we made a deliberate decision to only source glyphosate-free oats in our delicious and all-natural Mylk Labs instant oatmeal cups.

A rolling meadow of glyphosate-free oats

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate first hit the markets in 1974 and has since become one of the most widespread weed-killers in the country — there are over 750 different glyphosate-based herbicides for sale in the United States. 

This herbicide is most commonly found in popular weed-control products like Pondmaster, Rodeo, and Roundup. However, the chemical residue of glyphosate has also been found in consumer grocery foods like bagels, honey, flour, and even baby formula.

In a report commissioned by the Environmental Working Group, California scientists found that 43 out of 45 oat-based products tested contained glyphosate. This included many popular American brands like Cheerios and Quaker’s Old Fashioned Oats.

Why is this herbicide showing up in foods ranging from avocados to apples to granola bars? 

It all comes down to glyphosate residue.

Why Is Glyphosate In Foods?

While glyphosate and other herbicides can be useful in killing weeds and increasing crop yields, the residue can remain on plants for up to six months after the initial spray. Simple irrigation techniques aren’t enough to wash this residue away. 

Many foods grown in heavy-use herbicide fields aren’t properly cleaned of the substance throughout the refining and packaging process, passing the chemical on to the consumer. 

Of course, some oatmeal brands completely ban glyphosate from the oat farms they source from. We’re proud to be one of them.

Mylk Labs uses 100% glyphosate-free oats

Why Do We Choose Glyphosate-Free Oats?

As we were designing our oatmeal cups and choosing our ingredients, every decision we made ultimately came back to our mission statement — nutrition is our number one priority.

While glyphosate isn’t required to be listed on any nutritional labels, minimizing herbicide exposure absolutely aligns with our goals of giving busy breakfast eaters the tasty convenience of instant oatmeal backed by a brand with a strong moral compass.

With our ultimate value on nutrition and health, the clear path forward was to source our oats exclusively from a vendor who commits to a glyphosate-free approach, with a total ban on the herbicide from germination to oat rolling.

It’s all part of a commitment to provide a truly healthy, long-lasting, and 100% mouthwatering breakfast.

It’s why every batch of our oatmeal is certified gluten-free by the GFCO. It’s why every one of our delicious five flavors of oatmeal cups has the lowest sodium and added sugar of any instant oatmeal on the market. 

It’s because we believe that nutritious and delicious aren’t mutually exclusive.

How glyphosate ends up in your food

How to Limit Your Exposure To Pesticide Residue

While glyphosate is certainly widespread in both lawn care and agriculture, it is possible to limit your exposure to pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate. Let’s learn about three ways you can limit your interactions with this widespread herbicide and others like it.

Buy With A Closer Eye

Alas, there’s no quick fix — no miracle solution to cutting out pesticides from your life.

The best way to avoid glyphosate and herbicides like it is simply to buy with a closer eye on quality and brand ethics. Becoming a conscious consumer in the twenty-first century requires a bit of research and responsibility.

That doesn’t mean you need to do a deep dive on every product in your shopping cart. Instead, search for brands that commit to consumers’ right to transparency and embody a belief in health and sustainability.

In other words, look for brands like Mylk Labs, who commit to keeping delicious eating affordable while still sourcing the safest and highest-quality ingredients on the market.

Wash and Peel Your Fruits and Veggies

One of the main ways that people are exposed to pesticides today is through their crispy, crunchy fruits and veggies.

Many of your favorite produce options, like crunchy bell peppers and delightfully tart pears, are coated in a thin film of glyphosate. During the agricultural process, glyphosate sprayed on the crops sticks to the skin of your favorite produce and remains up to the time it’s put on display in the grocery store.

While a simple wash won’t remove glyphosate entirely, thoroughly washing your fruits and veggies in water or even a baking soda solution can greatly reduce your levels of pesticide residue exposure.

Institute A No-Shoes Policy

As incredible as it may sound, one simple way to reduce your exposure to glyphosate is to institute a no-shoes policy inside your home.

Many common garden fertilizers are teeming with the widespread herbicide, and glyphosate products can sneak into your home on the bottom of your shoes. Remember, even if you don’t buy glyphosate-containing herbicides for your front lawn, there’s no telling what your neighbors are using. 

To be safe, try instituting a shoes-off policy for yourself and all your guests.

Build a better breakfast with Mylk Labs

Build A Better Breakfast With Mylk Labs

Since its invention nearly fifty years ago, glyphosate has become one of the most widespread weed-killers on the market. It’s prevalent not just in fertilizers and herbicidal sprays but in many of our most popular brands.

As pervasive as this chemical is, there are many different ways you can limit your exposure to glyphosate and other herbicides like it. 

Start with small steps like washing your veggies a little longer and taking off your shoes if you’ve stepped in someone else’s grass. Then, take bigger steps like doing a bit more product research and identifying brands you can trust.

For some, that could mean spending an extra few pennies for a safer, more sustainable product.  Look towards brands like Mylk Labs that commit to a nutrition-first approach while also proving that a quick-cooking breakfast can be satiating and delicious.

Try any of our five delicious flavors and taste the difference that comes with a focus on quality ingredients and simple, healthy eating.

While you’re waiting for your order to arrive, browse our blog to learn more about our commitment to healthy eating and discover dozens of different recipes that make the most of a simple bowl of scrumptious, instant oatmeal. 


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