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Guest post by Samantha Field from The Wellness Dose

Here's a myth: healthy equals a sacrifice in taste. For me, healthier snacking means choosing products with real, whole ingredients (say goodbye to artificial flavors, colors, sugars, processed salt, MSG, refined oils…the list goes on). If you walk down the aisle of a traditional American grocery store, most processed foods contain at least two of these noted categories. Ugh! I’m here to help.

#1 Tip: Read Every Ingredient Label

When in doubt – the fewer number of ingredients typically indicates the less processed alternative. If you don’t recognize an ingredient or wouldn’t have that specific ingredient in your own kitchen, then toss it.

Tip #2: There’s Always A Healthier Swap

And it tastes just as delicious! From a specific ingredient (hi swapping coconut sugar for cane sugar) or a specific product, there's tons of options out there.

grocery aisle

Here are some of my favorite simple swaps:


Who remembers those mini chocolate chip cookies from the retro days vending machines? Boy, do I have a treat for you. 

Try swapping out for a naturally GF and refined sugar free alternative. The same amazing taste with way better ingredients. Try a blind taste test to see for yourself (yes, I’m that confident!)


Peanut butter is an essential snack in my pantry. Most Americans still buy peanut butter containing hydrogenated vegetable oils and lots of sugar. Yuck!

Try swapping out for options made only with organic peanuts and the tiniest sprinkle of salt. The way peanut butter is supposed to be. The other good news is it also tastes 1000 times better.


Were you as obsessed with cheesy puffs as a kid as I was? I remember fueling up on this popular snack after every sports game. Bad news is most options are full of seed oils, whey, and natural flavor. Heads up -- natural flavor doesn’t actually mean what you think, but that’s a whole other article in itself.

Try swapping out for a gluten free and dairy free alternative. You will never guess that the amazing cheesy flavor is made from nutritional yeast and spices.


Potato chips are one of my salty weaknesses. The perfect accompaniment to a sandwich, cold beverage, or on their own. There is now some competition for the popular brands we grew up eating.

Try a chip made with three simple ingredients – potatoes, avocado oil, and sea salt. Say goodbye to refined oils and say hello to a potato chip you can actually feel good about eating.


I feel like everyone grew up eating oatmeal for breakfast? At least in my household it was considered the “healthier” alternative to all the other junk out there. However, all oats are not created equal. Most options are filled with cane sugar and again natural flavor.

    Try Mylk Labs oatmeal-- an elevated gluten free oatmeal sweetened with real fruit and organic coconut sugar. They’re just as easy to make, but way more nutritious! The perfect breakfast or snack for on the go or for when you’re feeling a tad lazy at home. Get some today and experience just how easy and delicious they are!

    oatmeal in pantry

    samantha field

    Samantha Field is a certified holistic health coach and founder of The Wellness Dose. Samantha has been active in the health and wellness industry over the last decade and lives in New York City. She previously led brand partnership development for a leading wellness center and now offers health coaching and personalized non-toxic product consulting to clients. She has formed partnerships with top health and wellness brands. Follow along here: Website / Instagram / Facebook

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