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Oatmeal, with nothing added to it, does not increase body fat. It is a healthy food that consists of ample amounts of fiber, carbohydrates, and protein – all of which are components of a healthy diet. However, it is possible to prepare a cup or bowl of oatmeal in a way that makes it fattening and therefore less healthy. At Mylk Labs, we offer protein oatmeal cups that include only the beneficial ingredients that make oatmeal a healthy meal you can eat every day.

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Here are some mistakes to avoid when preparing oatmeal:

Adding the Wrong Toppings

Instead of adding ingredients with significant sugar content to your oatmeal such as brown sugar or chocolate, you can get the satisfying sweetness you need by adding fresh fruit. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try adding a banana instead – the fruit will add sweetness and great nutrients for your health.

Adding Excessive Toppings

Adding too many toppings can make your bowl of oatmeal too high in calories, particularly if you add too many nuts and seeds which contain a significant amount of fat. A moderate number of nuts and seeds added, like in our Mylk Labs oatmeal cups, will give you a protein boost and keep you fuller for longer without making the fat content too high.

Adding Whole Milk

Although whole milk will certainly enhance the taste of your oatmeal, you also must factor in the calories and sugar content it contains. There are non-dairy substitutes for whole milk that are vegan, low in sugar and better for you. Compared to the 150 calories and 16 grams of sugar in one cup of whole milk you can opt for almond milk that has zero sugar and about 40 calories per serving. With our Mylk Labs oatmeal, you can add your preferred milk or simply water and still enjoy great flavor and health benefits.

Eating Sugary Instant Oatmeal

Many of the instant oatmeal products you can buy in the grocery store contain up to 15g or more of sugar and other ingredients that promote weight gain. Make sure you read the labels before purchasing any instant oatmeal. Look for plain oatmeal or a clean label like Mylk Labs! You can always customize in the form of fresh fruit, cinnamon, or other spices for a delicious healthy breakfast.

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