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Oatmeal can be a nutritious breakfast option. This whole-grain breakfast is rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy fibers. Besides, oats are among the most budget-friendly meal options you can eat every morning to kick-start your day!

While oatmeal is healthy, plain oats can taste bland. Similarly, you may not enjoy eating the same flavor combinations daily. If you are on a diet, you may be counting your oatmeal calories. In that case, you may look for ways to sweeten your morning bowl without processed sugar.

If you are looking to buy prepackaged oatmeal, make sure you look for low sugar oatmeal cups to set the foundation for a healthy breakfast. Here is a list of ways to spice up the flavor without using sugar. These healthy ways to sweeten oats ensure maximum oatmeal nutrition. So, let us dive right into it.

green apple and blueberry oatmeal

1.     Fruits

Using the natural sweetness of fruits to your advantage is an easy way to add a sweet flavor to your oatmeal. Not to mention, you have a lot of liberty regarding the fruits to add to your oatmeal. Since you can add any fruit, you get to prepare different oatmeal flavorings daily.

Moreover, you can use fresh, pureed, frozen, or dried options as long as they do not contain added sugar. When using fresh fruit, consider chopping them into small pieces to extract maximum flavor.

2.     Plant Milks

Oatmeal is delicious with plant milk like cashew, soy, or almond. Soak or cook your oats in an unsweetened version of your preferred plant-based milk rather than plain water. You'll have oatmeal that tastes creamier, reducing your desire for sugar.

3.     Syrups and Nectars

The closest you can come to adding sugar to your oatmeal is plant-based nectar or syrup. These sweeteners are not as refined, and contain more vitamins and minerals in them than your average processed white sugar.

4.     Seed and Nut Butter

Seed and nut kinds of butter are those made from seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds or hemp seeds. This butter can increase your oatmeal nutrition by adding extra protein and healthy fats to your bowl. Not to forget, they can add a savory flavor to your oatmeal that pairs well with fruits.

That said, ensure your chosen seed or nut butter does not contain added sugars. Your best options include almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower butter, and peanut butter but make sure it only has one ingredient on the label—the nut/seed itself.

strawberry and blackberry oatmeal with almond butter

5.     Spices

Add cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to your oatmeal for breakfast reminiscent of fall. Most fruits and syrups go nicely with spices as well. When you start mixing and matching, the possibilities are unlimited. You can prepare cinnamon pear agave nectar one day and cinnamon apple maple syrup oatmeal the next. Or, get prepackaged oatmeal cups for an easy fix!

6.     Extracts

With culinary extracts, a little goes a long way. The ideal extracts to add to your oatmeal include peppermint or vanilla. Oatmeal bowls can be flavor-infused with just one tiny drop of extract, and extracts go well with other sugary toppings.

7.     Protein Powders

Making your oatmeal creamy is easy by mixing it with a plant-based vegan protein powder. You'll consume a lot of protein and extra fiber. Avoid protein powders that include artificial sweeteners or added sugars and opt for unsweetened varieties instead.

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