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If you want to maximize the health benefits of your bowl of oatmeal, there are some things you’ll want to avoid when preparing it. Below, we cover some of these common mistakes so you can get the most out of this quick and delicious meal. Want a trustworthy made-for-you option instead? Try Mylk Labs! We offer an easy and healthy solution in the form of high-fiber, high-protein, gluten free oatmeal cups.

Eating Oversized Portions

Since oatmeal is so healthy, people will sometimes eat too much of it in one sitting. A half cup of oatmeal is generally considered one serving, but some people will eat a whole cup for a meal. Sticking with a half cup gives you 150 calories for the oatmeal onto which you can add another 50 to 150 calories or so with healthy toppings. Or, better yet, purchase our Mylk Labs oatmeal cups which are packed with nutritious goodness and give you about 200 to 220 calories each.

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Adding Too Much Sugar

Instead of adding innutritious inclusions such as brown sugar or chocolate chips, why not add unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon? You will still get the sweet taste with much more balanced nutrition.

Adding Dried Fruit

A lot of dried fruit has hidden sugars and oils. Be sure to read the ingredient label before purchasing or opt for fresh and frozen fruit instead! At Mylk Labs, we use freeze dried fruit for a quick and healthy solution. Fun fact: freeze dried fruit contains 100% of the nutrients of fresh fruit!

Adding Artificial Sweeteners

Although artificial sweeteners add a sweet taste, they also diminish healthy bacteria in the gut and increase the cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. An alternative is to sweeten your oatmeal with fresh fruit and just a small touch of honey, dates, or maple syrup. For the easiest option, enjoy our Mylk Labs oatmeal sweetened with only 5g of organic coconut sugar.

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Not Adding Healthy Fats

Since oats themselves do not contain many healthy fats, it is important to get these fats elsewhere. Some options include nuts, nut butter, flax, chia, and other seeds. Mylk Labs gluten free oatmeal cups already contain healthy fats in our oatmeal from almonds, coconut and sunflower seeds.

Not Adding Enough Protein

Although the fiber in oatmeal will give you that lasting full feeling, added protein is also important in keeping you satisfied and full for a longer period. Some protein sources to consider adding to your oatmeal include nuts, nut butter, yogurt, and/or protein powder. Better yet, try our oatmeal cups which already contain a healthy amount of protein and fiber.

Get Our Healthy, Flavorful Oatmeal

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